Zineng Tang

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I am an undergraduate student at UNC at Chapel Hill. I research in the UNC-NLP research group with Prof. Mohit Bansal. My research interests lie in Natural Language Processing, Visual Grounding, and Machine Learning.


B.S. Mathematics. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 2019 - present


VidLanKD: Improving Language Understanding via Video-Distilled Knowledge Transfer   NeurIPS 2021

Zineng Tang   Jaemin Cho   Hao Tan   Mohit Bansal

Continuous Language Generative Flow   ACL-IJCNLP 2021

Zineng Tang   Shiyue Zhang   Hyounghun Kim   Mohit Bansal

DeCEMBERT: Learning from Noisy Instructional Videos via Dense Captions and Entropy Minimization   NAACL 2021

*Zineng Tang   *Jie Lei   Mohit Bansal

Dense-caption Matching and Frame-selection Gating for Temporal Localization in VideoQA   ACL 2020

Hyounghun Kim   Zineng Tang   Mohit Bansal

Deep Colorization by Variation (Short Paper)   CIKM 2019

Zineng Tang